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Foreign to what should be done to prepare
Foreign to what should be done to prepare
Rizhao Dss International Trading Co.,Ltd  Time:2012-8-29

1. We must first understand the details of the foreign companies, including the structure of the shares of the foreign company, operating status, level of technology and balance figures for the last three years ...

2. To learn more about the specific circumstances of the foreign negotiators, including age, education, hobbies, physical health, his position in the foreign companies, the performance of his business resume, investment projects excitement.

3. Prepare a good professional translator, and a high level of translation can help successfully completed negotiations to accurately express the true representation of the two sides and, when appropriate, the avoidance or mitigation of a confrontation between the two sides will play a decisive role.

4. Thorough analysis of the current situation of their own businesses, the composition of the balance figures for the last three years, workers labor productivity, and shareholders.

5. Own company is prepared to participate in a joint venture asset position to make accurate magnitude analysis. Including the original investment of equity capital, depreciation, fixed asset appreciation, the original value of land, the land value-added, technology assessment, the total value of intangible assets, and so on.

6. Prepare accurate written materials available to them in foreign arrive, the text data to be stapled as beautifully. If your company the VI design has been completed, the data to be completely in accordance with the VI design specification.

7. Three options to determine in advance of negotiations with foreign investors, the best solution, compromise, and compromise.

8. To achieve the strategy and the tactics of the three programs.

9. Explicitly allow foreign clear and understood, they only have to cooperate with you in order to get the maximum investment returns. What they will lose if they do not cooperate with you? Loss of what?

10. Through other channels you working with third-party negotiations may disclose to foreign side, if possible, make arrangements for another foreign negotiations.

11. Prepare information on all aspects of technology, management, public relations, trying to get foreign understand, if you do not cooperate with them, they will establish a potentially powerful business competitors.

12. Negotiations with the foreign consultation to determine the schedule of the convergence of various time periods to be precise and detailed, such as which restaurant to eat, what to eat vegetables and so on. The general foreign Lunch is very casual, a lunch can also be.

13. Cost burden of the program to discuss the negotiations and foreign. Do not mention it, the foreign habits AA, the first meal and the last meal enough to eat two drink scene they did not appreciate, or even have the opposite effect, he would think that if cooperation with you worried that you too wasteful, of course, if is Chinese, is another treat.

14. The concept of time must be stressed that the timetable for the two sides recognized, must arrive in minutes.

15. Note arrange technical or other confidential department will not let foreign contacts.

16. Do not look forward to showing, thirst Jizao, or blindly to curry favor with the mood and behavior of foreign cooperation, all reception activities be justified, powerful sections equality.

17. Ready to participate in the negotiations on behalf of personal clothing and instruments, foreigners pay attention to etiquette, he will think that you wear clean clothing for his respect. If you use a brand of perfume in France it is his favorite, that will contribute to the success of the talks.

18. Do not have to be cautious in front of foreigners, and treat them as a good friend from afar, the time can do other than negotiation humorous and witty some British humor is man's greatest charm.

19. Ready for the first meeting of small gifts do not have to precious to some memorable, it is best to let him into his office or in his living room, small decorative, so he left can also often see, nature can often reminds you to.


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