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Why North American buyers will often under small orders
Why North American buyers will often under small orders
Rizhao Dss International Trading Co.,Ltd  Time:2012-8-29

North American buyers in the initial orders and new customers, often start from small orders, this situation is very common in gifts, hardware, daily necessities and other industries. North America businesses demanding on the quality of the product, because of quality problems, businesses must accept returns or substantially lower prices lose money shipping, while most of the Chinese products are low-end products, giving inexpensive the impression of low quality, from distant China order merchandise, mostly they can not go to the field test for every business, it can be said that there is a certain risk, so they are very cautious when ordering with Chinese suppliers, and even with those of us in the order of the local Chinese suppliers of goods is very careful, not a one-time large order, which is the concept of the problem of the North American buyers, they are always on Chinese products such as doubts.

        Gifts and necessities for the timeliness of the market is very obvious, during the Christmas season, for example, Christmas is over, some gifts need to be playing on the half-off, so the general gift orders are small and dense, buyers want to be able to set a container of goods, so that you can greatly save costs, but may cause backlog as a direct order to the importer or other local manufacturers.

        In North America, the popular daily hardware market has been the big supermarket chains occupy, like WALMART, HOMEDEPOT If you want to have a good sales performance, we must operate some of the characteristics of goods, which features goods often means a small amount, we mainly engaged in furniture hardware and auto parts, many products require specially designed as a dedicated kitchen cabinets stainless steel stents year fixed volume also just 40,000 to 60,000 pieces, the total is not enough filled a container, start talks with domestic manufacturers, they are not willing to do so, the country to mold fee, the Order is not much time, it was only 10,000, but now they say, do the profits of these stents likened to four containers of stainless steel tableware, most of our orders are such a small amount of unique products, product features, and high quality, reasonable price, many European products are our product substitution, and the gradual increase in quantities, but still part of the hardware and auto parts, although the prospects are good, but due to the small orders, high costs, manufacturers in China on the North American market and do not quite understand the misgivings so far can not be produced.

        Taiwan manufacturers are different, many years of experience in North American trade makes them a higher sensitivity of the new products, new products reflect the trend of the market, even if the order is small, higher development costs, they are also willing to produce, so that you can grasp the direction of the market, make a pot of gold. The factory in China is the lack of a similar vision (of course, not enough] experience in international trade, always staring at the large order, of course, that there is nothing wrong, very attractive large orders, large orders often profit is not high, powerful customers lower prices competition is very intense, and sometimes domestic suppliers in order to grab the list, has come to the point of unscrupulous, for example, we have got a large single door hinge, a domestic factory and we are competitive, even below cost list price wars to get the list, they do not come down, and had to try to hold down costs, enough result hinges's thickness, have been claims the home buyer to no longer believe that the Chinese manufacturers, Ning can be more high prices from European dealers to buy Chinese goods and, therefore, should be careful to treat large single supplier.

        I often encountered, when I proposed to the domestic manufacturers a small order, most of them are not so enthusiastic, calculate costs, and then raise prices, special design, the cost of mold is high, in fact, the more experienced importers grasp on the cost and mold cost is very clear, the quote, it is easy to see sincere supplier. As I have done for quite some time in the domestic foreign trade, so I am more psychological understanding of domestic suppliers, not single order that goods to reschedule workers, factories are reluctant to production, take the goods trouble to go fight box this small single, customers do not want to do the L / C, customers to the price may be higher, but a lot of trouble, raise prices and costs, customers can accept, and not also save a lot of trouble, and based on this many kinds of psychological under similar orders customers have received a frosty reception. And even suppliers to accept small orders, is not too hard to do, often have problems in the quality of products and services, and a lot of the "troubles". Of course, there are do not borrow supplier, regardless of the size of the order, alike, even small orders require special design, increased costs, the causes and conditions will be explained clearly to make the customer feel like supplier The trust can establish long-term cooperative relationship. Based on past experience, geographical points, more general, Guangdong, Zhejiang supplier with international standards earlier done a better job in this regard, I have to find a kitchen cabinet built-in lock, this built-in lock common door locked plus one dark buckle set small, the first single is only 2000, when a vendor contact me and Jiangsu, and they were not positive, just to cope with, and then I went with multiple vendors contact, the situation is much the same, with a Guangdong manufacturers approached, their attitude is very positive, although the offer is high, but Details of the fees listed clearly, you can see that they really seriously, after a series of talks, We eventually signed a contract with them now belongs to the North American kitchen cabinets a style more popular due to the built-in lock, the orders have been increasing, and they are First we open the market, so this product also share pot of gold, their products have occupied a certain market, other vendors want to play in and not be, this example illustrates the small orders of new products often represent a potential opportunity, only a keen eye to the company grasping the opportunity to develop new markets.

        We usually suppliers in China are divided into two categories, open areas of international enterprises, such as foreign-invested enterprises, Guangdong and other domestic-funded enterprises operating in accordance with international practices; two traditional export enterprises, in general, many international companies are familiar with international practice, each received a small order, their attitude is to give sufficient attention to the offer list detailed orders, it will try to meet customer requirements, even if the single also the selection of qualified raw material for serious production, on-time delivery, traditional export enterprises, the concept is relatively backward, and often can not do this.

        7 I think that the supplier in China, in order to make small orders, we must first change our concepts, orders regardless of size are taken seriously, which is a measure of the quality of service and advanced concepts a sign, if it is to do a good job international trade, quality of service, must meet international standards and export business must take seriously the various orders, should be treated equally, small orders should seriously quotations, to provide information. Is ready to offer, many Chinese suppliers have not paid much attention to the offer, after receiving the inquiry, quotation often just a general quotation, most are based on a full container, but it does not give detailed annotations, and Taiwan, Hong Kong businessmen to different order quantity, different requirements and prices listed in detail, so that buyers glance. Third, if this commodity is a long-term small orders, the style of the product does not change, the best way is to find an agent in the sales, so can a number of transport while batches sales, be able to save the market cost communicate with our customers more convenient and better able to coordinate and manage the customer relationship, small order customers can also enjoy quality service, Hong Kong and Taiwan manufacturers have been very skilled use of the agent as an intermediary to help them trade, and a considerable number of Chinese companies are not well aware of the benefits of agent.

         I think China Exporters Association in North America to establish a commodity distribution, sales, exhibition center the unified transport cargo, unified printing, distributing sales sample sales price, unified participate in the relevant product exhibition, TOTANTO, CHICAGO spring Gift Show, and so on. Each member of the Association as long as pay a storage and transportation, commodity promotion fee, almost twice as high as the price sold directly to retailers. Because this commodity distribution center can accept credit cards, it is particularly convenient for small quantity orders. For example, tourist souvenirs customers are basically small merchants can accept a number of multi-species ordering is 20-50, will be a lot of opportunities. This center is particularly suitable for Yiwu Commodity operators.


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