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The new foreign trade how to get potential customers to order quickly
The new foreign trade how to get potential customers to order quickly
Rizhao Dss International Trading Co.,Ltd  Time:2012-8-29

As a rookie, in the case of no predecessors teach you, first of all you want to locate the direction of their own products, and then step by step to accumulation to learn. Clothing to do, first of all have to understand the clothing; need to do the hardware, it is necessary to understand its process. Do not also want to do that also want to do, not professional, you can not achieve anything. With a good product, it must have good customer good order.

        Just joined the company in charge of giving me three words: you never know what the guests want (so do not bother to guess); You never know that they do not (do things not timid); You never know customers today, tomorrow will become competitors (relationship no matter how good, some things have to be kept confidential).

        1, the price is the last word, especially guests, considering the price is definitely higher quality considerations. And do not think that other people also do not do not price goods penny you other factories half cents. Electronics factory, for example, a place in Dongguan, Guangdong Province alone, there are large and small, more than 3,000 guests the choice is very large. So guests threat of price cuts on turn one, do not think that his price do not turn out.

        2 guests said factory inspection, your chance to come, do not troublesome, only large customers will plant inspection prior to placing an order.

        3, do not overdo existing customers will boast performance.

        4, the promise of things to do, even if not complete should tell guests in advance, do not drag guests to ask before said. Integrity is too important, and not just the company, personal integrity is very important, even if the list is not made, at least to keep the integrity in front of the guests, whether it is for business or for their future development will greatly benefit both.

        5, offer to have the skills, the same capacity MP3 offer than SONY high, who would be interested in it?

        Received guests hearing disk to respond promptly, even if it is a popular format Reply will let guests know your work efficiency and respect for the guests. Sometimes, when you consider that good how to respond to offer guests fly away. For those who advertise in Alibaba or Global Sources, every day, a large number of telecommunications disk business, this is especially important.

        7, mining customers to consider whether the next single, what are the main factors.   

        8 Do not say "no" to the guests. Smooth processing is a good choice. For example, the target price of the guests really do not come down, you can say "I will help you and your boss to fight for something, or recommended can reach the target price of the products to the guests.

        9, to attend the show, I like to go on the first day, except for the first day, most of the participating business without passion, for guests to find the price is almost struggling to cope. Those who think that the fire eyes eye operations to treat guests distinction. These are very deadly. Leave a good impression on the show a few days to each of the guests to your booth.

        10, customer development with a purpose.

        Sitting in the office, repeating the monotony of work, e-mail, the mail ... a lot of people did a few months but no orders have not even got a clue. I believe that the majority of the sales are going through this situation. Reason is simply not grasping key customers but generalities contact, naturally difficult achievements. Doing business, and in the mail before the start to the new guests, we must make sure that your mail is valuable to the guests.


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